Sunday, September 26, 2010

Purple Troll WIP

This nasty little guy is a work in progress.  He is weighted.  This time I decided to add more character to the embroidered eyes and I added some hair.  Still to come is his costume.  I am thinking of a simple yellow shirt with a green cowl.  For the time being, he is sitting on our nature table.  St. Michael is next to him making him behave.

Speaking of which, Michaelmas is in two days.  So happy Michaelmas!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Flopsie, my daughter's doll, is almost finished (she still needs some shoes).  Her blouse and bloomers are made out of ivory minky.  The dress is a simple pink calico.  Her hair is wool yarn.  I tried out Kyoko Yoneyama's hair technique from her book Storybook Dolls.  I really enjoyed it because I was able to make the hair in one sitting.  That's important with a little one running about.  One naptime was all it took.  Yeah!

This doll was a lot of fun to make.  I have been taking the skills (and philosophy) of Waldorf dollmaking and pushing the limits.  Flopsie has a nose and a smile, which, admittedly, is atypical of Waldorf dolls. Flopsie is not my daughter's "second I."  However, she is made from all natural materials such as cotton knit and wool. What is of most importance to me though  is my daughter loves to make Flopsie dance.