Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Troll Now Available on Etsy


This doll is 12 inches tall.  The head and hands are made from hand-dyed cotton jersey.
The body is made out of four layers of muslin with reinforced seams.  It is stuffed with clean carded wool.  This doll is weighted with millet which has been baked and treated with lavender oil.  Eyes, mouth and hair are hand-embroidered with cotton floss.  Doll’s outfit is removable and washable.  The doll itself is not washable due to the millet.

And now the warning:

Keep your troll out of sunlight; otherwise, he’ll turn into stone.  Keep him away from all types of fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes and very small dogs.  Despite his diminutive size, he can still get up trouble.

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