Saturday, January 1, 2011

6 1/2" Bendy Doll Tutorial

I love those bendy dolls that are used in Waldorf schools and toys.  I am making a small doll of the Virgin Mary for Epiphany for our nature table.  So instead of spending six or seven dollars on just one bendy doll, I spent the money instead on supplies to make my own.  Please enjoy this tutorial.  I hope it helps you in your Waldorf journey!

Supply List:
Drill Bits
Wood Glue
Bonsai Tree Training Wire 5/32”
Wire Cutters
(2) Wood Split Egg 7/8 x 1.26”
(2) Wood Round Beads ½”; 1/8” Hole
(1) Wood Ball Knob 1 ¼”; 3/16” Hole
(1) Piece of Wood 1” x 3” x ½”

Take the  1” x 3” x ½” piece of wood and mark where you will drill the holes. 

Next, using a drill with a 5/32” drill bit, drill the holes for the neck, arms, and legs.  Drill all the way through the wood for the arms and legs (two holes on each side). For the neck hole on top, trill until you reach the arm holes.

Arms, Legs and Neck Wire:
Measure the bonsai wire and cut with the wire cutters.  One wire will serve as both arms and one wire will serve as both legs.
Neck - 2”
Arms - 7.5”
Legs -  8”

Take the split egg and drill 3/8” from the heel on top of egg.

First put some glue into the drilled holes of the head,  body, hands, and feet.  Next, insert wire for the arms in the body.  Continue for the legs.  Insert neck into body.  Now attach head bead, hand beads and lastly, the split eggs for the feet.  Bend the legs down into a standing position.  Find the doll’s balance.  Leave the arms straight so the hand beads will not slip off as the glue dries.  Allow the glue to dry overnight or use an oven on the lowest setting and stand the doll on a metal pan and cook for a couple of hours.  You are now finished.

Supply Resources:
Wood Pieces are available at Hobby Lobby, or you may order from

Bonsai tree training wire was purchased off of eBay a long time ago.  You may find it at better home and garden centers.  A personal note about this wire and why I like it so much is because it is capable of taking a lot of abuse.  It can be bent over and over again will not break.  So one may pose it over and over again and not worry about it breaking at an elbow or knee.  Great for doll house dolls in my opinion.

You may download this tutorial as a PDF. Click here.


  1. Thank you...this is motivating me to make a few! Do you suggest copper or aluminum bonsai wire?

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. I was looking high and low for a tutorial just like this.

  3. I used aluminum bonsai tree training wire.
    I am happy you enjoy the tutorial. Happy new year!